Admissions Requirements and Procedures

Academic Entrance Requirements:
A Baccalaureate degree
Course work which would include at least 20 semester hours of biological sciences and 8 semester hours of chemistry.
An overall grade point average of 2.50 or above is preferred.

Program Cost:

Application Deadlines:
University of Rhode Island Master’s degree candidates: April 15th

Application Process:
The Medical Director and Program Director will evaluate the complete application, transcripts, resume, and all of the academic requirements, including transcript evaluations from foreign universities. When the file is complete, an interview will be scheduled.

The interview allows prospective students to meet school officials, staff members, and current students. Candidates will be taken on a tour of the facilities and are given time to ask any questions they may have concerning the program. A list of prepared questions will be presented which cover the applicant’s goals, motivation, self-confidence, and maturity. There may also be a microscopic session.

Waiting List:
Some applicants may be placed on a waiting list following personal interviews. These applicants will be notified of a final decision by July 30th if there are any vacancies.